The AIOT (artificial intelligence of things)
Mentatronic was born with the goal of remotely controlling equipment and extracting the OEE (Overall Effectiveness Equipment) indicator from machines and production lines, through a data concentrator, automatically and online.
Being a real-time production monitoring and control solution with a focus on tracking and optimization, it will enable the manager to have a complete view of the efficiency with which his production is being performed and provide a solid foundation for improvement.
This base will allow the implementation of intelligent control systems that eliminate data noise and enable the creation of business management indicators.
Artificial intelligence is expected to significantly support sustainable development of future smart cities.
The idea behind smart city is profoundly based on optimization of costs, better living standards, preservation of resources, integration of technology and faster transactions in all fields.
Mentatronic incorporates all aspects of technology in transforming a complicated infrastructure into a digital, sophisticated and a simpler lifestyle.
Here, the term ‘Mentatronic’ refers to the most popular and emerging fields like AI and IoT.
Mentatronic for Industry
Mentatronic for Smart Cities