Platform Overview
The Mentatronic platform addresses the challenge of insufficient visibility and flexibility by enabling real-time digital bridge across all factory equipment, systems and people.
It bridges the gap between siloed data systems by adding a powerful solution that helps companies connect and control all machines and devices, stream and make sense of massive amounts of real-time and historical data, as well as implement predictive maintenance.

The mentatronic is a cloud based Industrial IoT solution that can run on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or as local/hybrid installation.

This enables factory workers and management to make better, data-driven decisions that were not possible before, and ultimately increase operational efficiency.

Specifically, mentatronic helps manufacturers to gain control of factory operations to make better decisions. Mentatronic connects virtually any machine, device and enterprise system across functional silos and harnesses streams of machine data for powerful analysis. The real-time factory data is visualized in an easy-to-understand web scada view that provides full visibility into all stages of operations, making it possible to respond faster and make better decisions.

In addition to the WEB SCADA view, our strength lies in our ability to provision working environment in less than a day and deliver a working prototype with live customer data within a few weeks.

This offers customers the opportunity to start evaluating the business value of the current prototype immediately, rather than waiting for a finished product.
With this agile approach, we can save our customers’ money, time and resources and deliver a customized solution that helps our customers simplify operations and work smarter.

Improve quality, reduce downtime and predict needs. Historical data combined with continuous stream of real-time data help create a foundation for predictive analysis. With help of actionable insights from data analysis, manufacturers can adjust improve quality, prevent unplanned downtime and anticipate future needs.

Our platform is extremely customizable in the way it presents the stored information, leaving the definition of the presentation mode to the customer’s discretion.

The solution MENTRATRONIC is developed by TULA LABS, company that is part of PROCME GROUP.

MENTRATRONIC software provides an expandable and versatile platform for machine data generated by all devices, control systems, sensors, SCADA, networks, applications and end users connected by today’s networks. The investment in the platform is justified by the fact that the intention is to analyze the past and observe the present, to improve the future.

Gain visibility
 and control
With SCADA monitoring and controlling, twin and real-time insights of all your connected assets, you can see all operations in one view and easily identify areas needing immediate attention.
The MENTRATRONIC software collects, analyses and visualizes machine data in real time and history including control systems and connected devices – allowing the operations team to ensure security and compliance, and thus perform predictive maintenance and better manage availability asset. In its use, MENTRATRONIC can collect, index and harness the power of machine data generated by devices, control systems, sensors, SCADA systems, networks, and integration with other applications.
The mentatronic platform is supplied with standard modules for the basic data collection operations and with different business modules associate to different needs from our clients.

The platform can communicate with various types of sensors or automation protocols.
In its base version version, it includes solution for:

  • Continuous monitoring of IoT sensors;
  • Continuous monitoring of data from PLC systems;
  • Real-time visualisation of the performance and access to the history of the collected data;
  • Alarmistic;
  • Access to a data set of this type and a detailed analysis of it (description, evaluation and recommendations).
The MENTRATRONIC is provider with a capacity of real-time data collection and transmission from various General Electric devices with different protocols, including as BACnet, Modbus and OPC sources and Honeywell.

Integration with mobility app allow remote workers easily can due remote operations and maintenance tasks.

Dynamic dashboard that can be fed by real data or formulas in order to allow company manager create management indicators for reports or Smart TV

The equipment to be monitored can be dynamically added to the system by the customer, making it possible to create new devices or change existing ones without any intervention on the platform.
All stored data is accessible for integration into third-party platforms or applications, making it easier to include them in financial, planning or other reports.

The management and monitoring system allow the dynamic creation of devices through a template scheme. When a user creates a new template for a device, he has the possibility to configure all the quantities he wants to monitor without restrictions on the type or amount of data to be collected.
Once the template has been created, the user can add devices for monitoring, it is only necessary to select the template to be used and configure the identifier of the real device so that the server establishes the communication to collect information. In this particular system, which aims to monitor chargers and electric vehicles, the device template scheme allows the system to be prepared for the insertion of new models of vehicles and chargers that may arise in the future, or even adaptation to changes to the data to be collected on current models, after a
hardware or software update, for example.

When creating the device from the template, the created device is connected to the hub via its IP or MAC address if LORA is used as the communications network.

Visualize your asset
Get real-time visibility and insights into all operations. Make better decisions and take corrective actions faster.
Monitor and detect
Detect failures and bottlenecks in operations. Receive alarms when set tolerance levels are exceeded.
Learn and
Build intelligence on top of connected data through machine learning. Analyze processes and create predictions in real-time.
The data collection of the different equipments is done in real time, being possible to define appropriate collection intervals for each quantity or equipment.
The collected data is pre-processed and stored in order to be presented quickly and easily understood by users, whether in the visualization of instant information or in the consultation of historical values.
The storage and processing of data makes it possible to easily apply predictive models that allow to obtain solid projections of the performance and durability of the monitored equipment. The editable formulation system allows users to customize data processing according to their needs
The communication of the collected data, made through the Tula Gateway, allows the collection of data from several devices simultaneously, either from a standard PLC on the market or from a moving vehicle with a Canbus communication system.

In the opposite direction, commands and configurations can be sent to the equipment, allowing the control of some aspects of their operation automatically and intelligently or through the manual intervention of a user.

The Mentatronic Gateway is prepared to obtain information through various types of protocols such as CANBus, Modbus, Ethernet, among others, and can send information via GSM, LoRa or Wifi. This flexibility allows to easily integrate different types of equipment in different contexts.

The transport of the collected information is done through the MQTT protocol, designed to minimize the use of the bandwidth and resources of the devices, while ensuring a reliable connection and the guarantee of message delivery.

These principles make it the ideal choice for connecting M2M or IoT devices. The equipment can be configured remotely, taking advantage of the features of the Node.js and Socket.IO technologies, which enable the establishment of a high performance and scalability connection with the server.
Node.js uses Socket.IO to establish a connection between each device and the server, making it possible to exchange messages between them without the need to constantly make requests to the server.
The Node.js asynchronous data input and output model guarantees the exchange of information in real time between the server and the equipment, applying the Long Polling technique.

In the opposite direction, commands and configurations can be sent to the equipment, allowing the control of some aspects of their operation automatically and intelligently or through the manual intervention of a user.

The mentatronic platform supports advanced multitenancy, which means that a single mentatronic instance may serve multiple independent tenants and each tenant’s data is completely isolated from other tenants. In this case, each tenant has a fully isolated share of the mentatronic instance where they manage their own users, user permissions, applications, devices, dashboards, etc.

The tenants can be thought of as separate organizations that access your mentatronic -based solution. Technically speaking, the mentatronic platform tenants are implemented on top of sql server or postgree database, so that each tenant has a separate Keycloak realm. That’s why you may not only work with tenants and their credentials but also use the database functionality on a very granular level to manage realms, scopes, resources, roles, identity providers, etc.

For greater flexibility and independence from any specific database version, mentatronic allows using templates for tenants creation. Templates enable solution admins to create and reuse tenant specifications at different stages of the solution lifecycle, which speeds up tenant setup and customization.