Charging and Energy Management Module
We are there for you along the way to electrification, from the planning stage through to installation and operation of an individual charging solution.
Whether you would like to control your charging stations remotely, bill charging processes or manage your energy consumption in a reliable and cost-optimized way – Mentatronic, our intelligent Charging and Energy Management, is the ideal system for operating your charging infrastructure.
MENTATRONIC charges your fleet intelligently and optimises your costs
No matter which or how many vehicles you have in your fleet, our charging and energy management makes charging your fleet child’s play. With our intelligent software solution and charging infrastructure expertise, we optimize your operating costs and ensure that your electric fleet operation runs without a hitch.
Several points should be addressed when changing fleets over to electric vehicles. We have the ideal solution for every scenario, right here. When electrifying fleets, the following points need to be considered:
Charging infrastructure
The right hardware depends on the type, number, use and charging power of your vehicles.
With load balancing you can avoid cost-intensive expansion of the grid connection and reduce demand charges.
Allows you to implement tariffs from the energy operator, with the schedule and seasonality option in order to calculate the charging cost.
Regular maintenance and updates guarantee optimal functionality of your fleet’s charging infrastructure.
 It’s possible to integrate stationary energy storage or solar systems, for example.