Demands on property are rapidly changing – new patterns around how we work, live and play demand greater flexibility and a more personalised experience. Individuals are also becoming more aware of their own health and well-being, which is driving more interest in the quality of internal environments.
Alongside this there is a steadily increasing industry focus on the environmental impact of buildings in operation. Taken together, these factors are leading to a significant increase in pressure not just to design and construct our buildings differently, but to operate and maintain them differently too.

Mentatronic’s facility management module is our vision for the digital future of facility management. It is all about improving the performance of our buildings, so that we improve the end user experience whilst reducing environmental impact.

Our vision applies intelligent automation to the process of managing buildings, optimising performance and taking on many of the menial tasks that dominate facility management today. As a result, systems operate more efficiently, contractors can work more effectively, and facility managers are able to become more proactive, putting them in control and releasing time for future long-term planning.

As a result, users’ experience of buildings becomes more satisfying. They are able to interact with buildings more directly, taking control of their experience, giving and receiving feedback. Whilst our vision is enabled by technology, it is driven by an understanding of the people who will live, work or play in the space.